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Class of 2018 Important Dates and Information

Herff-Jones Representatives: If you need to order graduation announcements or caps/gowns, please visit or call the FC Rep, Robert Stratton.

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Yearbook and Senior Portrait Information

Scholarship Central

TCC Grad Coach

TCC's Career Coach, Mrs. Vaughn is ready to help high school students explore career and post-high school educational opportunities. Mrs. Vaughn is our high school career coach here at First Colonial and she provides the following services to our high schools students:

  • one-on-one college advice
  •  help with completing your TCC application
  • answers to your questions about TCC’s admissions process
  • placement test questions
  • SAT/ACT questions
  • assistance in developing a career plan, regardless of whether or not you choose to attend TCC
  • resume writing
  • scholarships

Contact Information:
Mrs. Vaughn is at First Colonial every Thursday in the TCC/ACCESS ROOM located in the Cafeteria
757-822-1433; Ext. 7
You can fill out a pass in guidance, drop in during lunch, email, or visit the career coach website to make an appointment


Gradfest is an amazing all night party (lock-in) for graduating seniors sponsored by the FCHS PTSA.  Follow the link to find out more and order your admission.


If students have any unpaid fees or fines they must get a receipt from Mrs. Callahan before they may purchase a ticket.  


Dance Guidelines for First Colonial Students

Prom Pictures

*No guests 21 or older will be admitted*


Extreme or ostentatious apparel or appearance is prohibited. Seniors who arrive dressed inappropriately will not be admitted. Any article of clothing or accessory that advertises alcohol or any illegal substance, depicts lewd graphics, displays offensive or obscene language, or displays graphics or text that are gang related is forbidden. Duct tape gowns or tuxedos will not be permitted, nor will T-shirts, ragged pants or shorts. Bare midriffs will not be allowed.


Displays of affection at school-sponsored dances are inappropriate, and such behavior may result in removal from the dance and/or suspension.

Lewd or offensive behavior, including obviously suggestive dancing, at school-sponsored dances is inappropriate and may result in removal from the dance at the discretion of school administrators or faculty sponsors.

Seniors must dance with both feet on the floor in a vertical position.

Once seniors arrive at the Prom and check in, if they leave the prom, for any reason , they will not be readmitted. There are no exceptions to this policy.

Alcohol / Drug Policy

First Colonial High School has a ZERO tolerance policy for alcohol and drugs. Virginia law makes it unlawful for any person to manufacture, sell, distribute, possess, possess with the intent to sell, give, or distribute alcohol, any controlled substance, including marijuana, or any imitation controlled substance at any school-sponsored event. Violation of this law is a felony, and violators are subject to arrest and expulsion.